Keep Jersey Farming

It’s a worn out cliché, but farmers are really the custodians of the countryside, is there anything better that we could do with the land but farm it? In every way it must be the obvious, sensible and probably the cheapest way to look after the countryside.

When I show people around our beautiful island, they see tidy hedgerows, fields full of crops and cows. My customers hope to see Jersey Royal potatoes if they are in season, and they especially want to see Jersey cows – in fact they complain if they don’t see any!

Yes, it’s only one small part of their holiday in the island, but it is interesting that it is a request that surfaces so often, irrespective of who the visitors are. They believe it is part of our local heritage, which of course it is; but putting aside Tourism and Heritage for a moment, it is the best use of land, it is pleasant to look at, sustainable, and quiet, and farmers look after it at no charge.

© Arthur Lamy

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