Anecdotes from the Bike Shop

Christmas at the Bike Shop

I’d always vowed to kill the next person who would say in all innocence: “you’re coming up to your busy time!” in the months running to Christmas. It was up there with; “It had a saddle like a razor blade”, “you could buy a car for that”, and “It must be a design fault”. The latter was usually uttered by a half-wit who could barely write his name, never mind cast opinions about design.

Christmas – Busy time? No not really, the busy time is in spring or summer when everyone thinks they would look cool on a bike, and for whatever reason they hurry down to the bike shop and attempt to purchase one.

Christmas – Stressful time? Yes, very. Aside from hoping that you have the correct stock, there is always one model that everyone wants and is in short supply, to waiting for bikes that you have been promised will arrive in time! With those, I always ordered more than I needed, this proved to be the right decision one Christmas when on Christmas Eve, two out of the five that I’d ordered were write-offs and as we all know Father Christmas delivers perfect bikes in every way.

Here’s a Christmas tale, that illustrates well the nightmare that is Christmas, and I have not yet mentioned deliveries, or the fact that you would always have two people buying exactly the same bike who had exactly the same surname. This comes to a head, when Auntie Audrey comes in to buy and have fitted a certain accessory, she usually does not know what sort of bike it is, and so a certain amount of interrogation has to take place before you can unite the correct bike with the correct accessory. There are no second chances on Christmas Eve, when all your staff want to go home as early as possible, ideally about 10.30 am.

© Arthur Lamy

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