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Beach Cleaning on Thursday 8th June

Arthur the Blue Badge Guide hugs trees and cleans beaches –
I am an eco-active business, which means I use few reasources and recycle wherever I can. I also don’t possess an armada of vehicles to pollute the air, or even an office to run around, last thing every evening, switching lights off. Bye the bye, I have already done this in a previous life.
I realise that as a one man business, being eco is very easy for me to do – try telling twenty blokes that they are cycling to their next job! or even taking the bus. Yes, I know that this probably wouldn’t work, they have to take tools and materials to wherever they are working. Although very few other eco businesses are happy to admit to this: it does actually improve your bottom line, as well as doing something for the planet.

This is my report on what I had done:
“Not much rubbish in the strand line, quite a few spider crab shells and I picked up sundry bits of rope and cable ties.
I thought I was not going to beat last years car tyre and huge branch, until I came upon a 4′ piece of steel and an abandoned lobster pot.
All these things, and my plastic bin liner, are stationed by the rubbish bin at Fliquet. Ready to be collected by whatever they are called these days!
Naturally as I travel mainly by bicycle, I was unable to take any of this home”

©Arthur Lamy

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