Queen Victoria Statue

This statue, unquestionably the most moved statue in the island, was created to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1897. Suggestions as to who should create the statue were numerous, but by September 1887, the Sculpture Committee had accepted the quote of Parisien sculptor, Georges Wallet, who was in fact the son of an Englishman. Wallet had forwarded the committee a photo of a half-size … Continue reading Queen Victoria Statue

The Green Lane Network

In the early 1990s, when the idea of an island wide network of speed –restricted roads was first suggested to the Constables’ Committee by St.Peter Constable Mac Pollard, it was flatly refused. Mr. Pollard had felt that it would be nice if several quiet scenic lanes would be speed-restricted, thereby allowing walkers, cyclists and horse riders to use them in comparative safety, away from the threat of speeding motorists.

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The Clasped Hands Memorial

The Clasped Hands memorial that stands beside the road to the lighthouse proves that seafaring disasters are not always a thing of the past. The sculpture was created by Derek Tristram from a perfect piece of granite that had previously been in the Harbour wall, and was unveiled on April 17th 1997 by former Senator Tony Chinn. It records the St.Malo disaster, in 17thApril 1995, … Continue reading The Clasped Hands Memorial