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Beach Cleaning on Thursday 8th June

Arthur the Blue Badge Guide hugs trees and cleans beaches – I am an eco-active business, which means I use few reasources and recycle wherever I can. I also don’t possess an armada of vehicles to pollute the air, or even an office to run around, last thing every evening, switching lights off. Bye the bye, I have already done this in a previous life. … Continue reading Beach Cleaning on Thursday 8th June

Samuel Curtis – horticulturalist

In 1801, Curtis purchased the first of his nurseries at Walworth, and he began to publish a series of horticultural lectures that had been given by his father-in-law; William Curtis. The nursery and the book were a success, and he looked for another garden to develop. This he found at Glazenwood, near Braintree in Essex.

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