Le Catel Fort

The earth mound behind the fort is believed to date from the Iron Age when promontory forts like this were found here in Jersey, and around the coast of Cornwall.

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St.Catherine’s Breakwater – a harbour of refuge

In the late 1830s, the construction of huge new harbour works along the French coast raised concerns for the British Government, and even more so for people in Jersey. They feared a French invasion and petitioned Queen Victoria. Although the petition was mislaid in Whitehall, a plan to construct ‘a harbour of refuge’ for sailing ships, went ahead.

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Philippe Baudains – Constable of St.Helier

 Created in bronze by Archibald McFarlane-Shannon of Glasgow, and set on a plinth of Ronez diorite, provided by Philippe Baudains himself. Designed by Adolphus Curry, the plinth was cut by the firm of F.T.Carter – Monumental Masons, while the iron work was done by Mr.H.Webber of Aquila Road and painted by Mr.J.Thatcher .

Over 1000 people subscribed to fund this celebration of the five-time elected Constable of St.Helier.

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