Anecdotes from the Bike Shop

Christmas at the Bike Shop

I’d always vowed to kill the next person who would say in all innocence: “you’re coming up to your busy time!” in the months running to Christmas. It was up there with; “It had a saddle like a razor blade”, “you could buy a car for that”, and “It must be a design fault”. The latter was usually uttered by a half-wit who could barely write his name, never mind cast opinions about design.

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The National Hill Climb at Bouley Bay

With the coast of France on the horizon, and the sea lapping at the bottom of the hill, Bouley Bay has to be one of the most scenic hill climb courses in the British Isles. The hill has been used as a motorsport venue since the 1920s, and a run up this smoothly surfaced and carefully cambered road will put you in the wheel tracks of Sir Stirling Moss and ex-Formula One driver, and local resident, Derek Warwick.

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