Grosnez Castle – it’s a mystery

Grosnez Castle

This castle is something of a mystery because it was dismantled piece by piece. Unfortunately there are no records of this happening nor of the castles’s construction.

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Samuel Curtis – horticulturalist

In 1801, Curtis purchased the first of his nurseries at Walworth, and he began to publish a series of horticultural lectures that had been given by his father-in-law; William Curtis. The nursery and the book were a success, and he looked for another garden to develop. This he found at Glazenwood, near Braintree in Essex.

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St.Catherine’s Breakwater – a harbour of refuge

In the late 1830s, the construction of huge new harbour works along the French coast raised concerns for the British Government, and even more so for people in Jersey. They feared a French invasion and petitioned Queen Victoria. Although the petition was mislaid in Whitehall, a plan to construct ‘a harbour of refuge’ for sailing ships, went ahead.

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Philippe Baudains – Constable of St.Helier

 Created in bronze by Archibald McFarlane-Shannon of Glasgow, and set on a plinth of Ronez diorite, provided by Philippe Baudains himself. Designed by Adolphus Curry, the plinth was cut by the firm of F.T.Carter – Monumental Masons, while the iron work was done by Mr.H.Webber of Aquila Road and painted by Mr.J.Thatcher .

Over 1000 people subscribed to fund this celebration of the five-time elected Constable of St.Helier.

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The Battle of Jersey – La Rocque

At around 11pm, on the night of 5th January, 1781, French troops under the command of Philippe Macquart – The Baron de Rullecourt – were attempting to enter the narrow channel that led to their landing place near Platte Rocque, at La Rocque at Jersey’s south eastern corner.

It was half tide, there was a with a strong current running, and with the gravel banks and jagged rocks of the Violet Bank threatening on one side of their passage, it is not surprising that several ships never discharged their troops.

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An excerpt from ‘Rides of Passage’

This is an excerpt from my latest book, which I wrote with my eldest son Matthew: Matt goes in search of water while I remove myself to a decent distance away from ‘les sanitaires’. This puts me just across the road from the church and the inevitable war memorial, and arguably the only roundabout for miles around. I do not see the actual impact but … Continue reading An excerpt from ‘Rides of Passage’