Another anecdote from the bike shop

I’m always keen to reflect on some of the popular myths and expressions that float around amongst the general public, and I don’t say this in a conceited or patronising way, it’s a subject that really fascinates me and I rack my brains as I wonder where these ideas come from.

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Anecdotes from the Bike Shop

Christmas at the Bike Shop

I’d always vowed to kill the next person who would say in all innocence: “you’re coming up to your busy time!” in the months running to Christmas. It was up there with; “It had a saddle like a razor blade”, “you could buy a car for that”, and “It must be a design fault”. The latter was usually uttered by a half-wit who could barely write his name, never mind cast opinions about design.

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An excerpt from ‘Rides of Passage’

This is an excerpt from my latest book, which I wrote with my eldest son Matthew: Matt goes in search of water while I remove myself to a decent distance away from ‘les sanitaires’. This puts me just across the road from the church and the inevitable war memorial, and arguably the only roundabout for miles around. I do not see the actual impact but … Continue reading An excerpt from ‘Rides of Passage’

Landmark helmet legislation in Jersey (BIKE BIZ magazine – April 2010)

Earlier this week, The States of Jersey – the island’s parliament – voted to make it compulsory for every cyclist under the age of 18 to wear a helmet. The motion had been tabled by Deputy Andrew Green MBE, founder of the Jersey branch of the brain injury charity Headway, and currently national chairman of Headway UK. Deputy Green has campaigned for greater awareness since his son, Christopher, suffered brain injuries as a child of nine, in a cycling accident 21 years ago.

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